InScope Inspire provides outcomes-driven solutions that tackle the global issues of chronic disease and affordable healthcare.

Better Data.

Using the power of data to assess risk and analyze program effectiveness.

Better Decisions.

Empowering participants to take ownership of their health.

Better Care.

Improving health through innovative connected technology.


The foundation of InScope Inspire began in the wake of 9/11. CEO Mike Bruce launched a company, InScope International, to pursue work with purpose, not mere profit. Global issues that began to take a hold of our hearts and our company pursuits included affordable housing, nuclear nonproliferation, warfighter support, homeland protection, sustainable energy, and chronic health.

What began in 2002 as InScope International, a mission-driven staffing and IT services company, has grown into a family of companies, under the InScope Enterprises umbrella. While successfully growing InScope International from a specialized, regional technology staffing firm to a diversified consulting and integration company, the opportunity to continue the pursuit of the global good for sustainable energy, chronic health, and homeland protection converged in the world of data. Each of these global issues would be immensely improved if they could have access to more data and more understanding of data. Thus, InScope Inspire, the connected health company of the InScope Enterprises family, was born.

InScope Inspire tackles the global issues of affordable healthcare and chronic disease in order to bring the future of health into focus. The cost of healthcare is increasing significantly year over year, and the overall health of our nation and world continues to decline. Chronic diseases are being diagnosed at an increased rate, and many of these conditions lend themselves to an increased chance of co-morbidities. The future of health would be a world with decreasing or contained healthcare costs, and an increased sense of ownership and active management or prevention of chronic diseases.  InScope Inspire wants to make that future a reality through its solutions and services.


At InScope, it’s not about being the executive, it’s about being a part of the team.
Our team members are all in:

Janelle Ashe
Rachel Mora
Linda Atkins
Dr. Nicole Flora

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