We know not all clients are alike, so we at InScope start from the very beginning with advisory planning and discovery. We find out what has worked and what hasn’t, analyze your population’s health data, and develop a plan for engaging your members. We stay on board for the entirety of the program, becoming your co-pilot as we run the RPM program and report back to you about how your members’ health is improving and your healthcare spend is decreasing!

This model allows for a continuous improvement/feedback loop of all aspects of the life cycle from planning to deployment to implementation, data analytics and reporting through active management and relationships with each patient population.

End to End Workflows

Device Agnostic

Data Security and Integration

Proven Policies and Procedures for over 7 Years


  1. InScope will provide comprehensive planning that discovers customer/end user goals and needs.
  2. InScope specializes in assisting, developing, and maintaining the Remote Patient Monitoring Program, tailored to each client’s needs. Success comes from a well-developed, managed business plan factoring in quality, technology, patient/provider requirements, and business needs.

  1. Set up and integrate all devices and monitoring processes with the goal of seamlessly blending into the organization and be coming an enhancing part of the daily lives of patients.
  2. InScope integrates technologies and processes into existing workflows and maintains real-time patient data monitoring. Engagement of the patient and provider, and proactive monitoring is the cornerstone of this solution; ensuring a seamless and successful care experience.

  1. Help the organization manage the growing amounts of patient data, providing valuable trend analyses and predictive analyses that can improve patient treatment plans.
  2. Customized reporting allows patient and medical provider views of their chronic disease data over time. InScope aggregates and analyzes patient data providing insight into trends which can significantly impact the resulting patient health, your ROI, and ultimate success of your RPM initiative.


72% decrease in costs during RPM Program

Wake Forest Study


64% decrease in costs post-RPM Program

Wake Forest Study


$15K dollars saved per participant during RPM Program

Wake Forest Study


83% cost savings during pilot program with national restaurant chain



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