Participants enjoy InScope Remote Patient Monitoring because of the personal relationship they form with the nurse, who provides teachable moments real-time.

The impact for the participant is immediate, creating habit-changing patterns as well as an increased likelihood of following their defined medical regimen long-term. When they begin to see the effects of the behavioral changes they make and feel so much better, their enthusiasm is contagious!

Participants aren’t the only ones who enjoy the benefits of RPM -their families receive intangible benefits of decreased stress, less time away from work caring for their loved one including taking them to the hospital, doctor appointments, and an inherent benefit of managing their own health as they see their loved one’s health improve. The model increases patient ownership and decreases higher-cost medical services, tests, and hospital admissions.

Multi-disease capable

  1. Diabetes
  2. COPD
  3. Hypertension
  4. CHF
  5. Asthma
  6. Co-Morbidities


InScope has achieved patient engagement rates much higher than industry average. Through dedicated and personalized outreach plans, we make sure that each participant is invited and educated on the opportunity that RPM presents. We work with our clients to study the population to understand how and where to most effectively reach them. Some clients also work with us determine incentive programs for RPM participation.


93% reduction in hospital bed days.

Wake Forest Study


83% reduction in ER visits

Wake Forest Study

2.1 points

2.1 points average reduction in A1c Levels in the first 90 days of an RPM program with national trucking company


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